Our club will virtually meet again this Wednesday May 20th at 12:00 pm, an online invite with the link to the virtual meeting will be sent out to all members.
We're excited to have a guest speaker for this meeting, Chef Via Melissa.  Chef Melissa will give an overview of Eating for Mental Wellness and Immune Boosting Foods and Supplements. She will discuss how to have a good mental wellness balance on a daily basis, foods to avoid as well as what foods to consume to keep a positive mental outlook. She will also touch on foods and categories one should consume to keep their immune system boosted, coupled with food based supplements they can take as well.  Chef Via Melissa has a new digital book published this month ("Let's Dine IN") and sales will support City Harvest, rescuing food for New York's Hungry.  https://www.viaskitchen.com/product-page
Don't miss out on on virtual gatherings, let's keep our club spirit strong.