Projects Greenwich Rotary Funds
Each year since 1997, Greenwich Rotary has sponsored The Citizen of the Year event. Its purpose is to honor citizens of  Greenwich, who demonstrate by their service to the community and beyond the Rotary Motto: Service Above Self.
Through the generosity of those who attend this event, Greenwich Rotary realizes the funds that are needed to allow them to support activities and agencies of Greenwich and the world at large. Those listed below have been the honorees.
1997  Barbara Nolan
1998  Michael Guerreri
1999  Bette and Sidney Willis
2000  Edward Schacter
2001  Frank Corvino
2002  Malcomb Pray
2003 Joan Warburg
2004 The Greenwich Land Trust
2005  Peter Malkin
2006  Donna and Jack Moffly
2007  Mary Ellen LeBien
2008 Sally and Michael Harris
2009  Susan Bevan and Anthony Daddino
2010  David Olgilvy
2011  Kevin Kimberlin
2012  Addie von Gontard Jr
2013 Bea and Peter Crumbine
2014 Lisa and Scot Weicker
2015 Karen Royce
2016  Lenny and John deCespel
2017 Mary Hull and Charles Hilton
For the individual projects that Greenwich Rotary funds, please view About Greenwich Rotary on the home page.
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